Vocational education or Vocational Education and Training (VET) also called Career and Technical Education (CTE). Vocational courses are totally job oriented courses. Vocational courses provide students with practical studies instead of just theory, current best-practice work-related skills known as competencies. Vocational Education and training provides students with specialized knowledge and saleable skills in a specific course or trade and help them to do the job well with more understanding.

                    The skilled people are required due to the rapid development of Industries in India. So that the popularity of the vocational courses has risen due to the  huge demand of skilled workers. Lot of Vocational Courses are available in Different fields at academic level, certificate level, 10th level, Intermediate level(+2), diploma level, degree level and etc. The main aim of each course is to provide student an opportunity to acquire functional skills, desirable work habits that will enable them to be the productive members of the community and society.

So this is one of the options to chose this course after 10th class.