There is a clear misconception about the medical industry that only doctors serve the patients. Considering this, most of the students who want to make a career in medical industry choose pursuing MBBS and MD. But the truth is, there are many other people who support the doctors in carrying their tasks in hospitals, clinics and medical institutes. Nurses, anaesthetics, pharmacists etc are the people who stand by the doctor during the treatment and play an important role in running the medical facility. All these streams, excluding doctors, are known as Paramedical Courses.

If you want to choose a career in medical industry and do not have sufficient resources to pursue MBBS or MD, you can still fulfill your dream by joining the paramedical courses. There are dozens of courses available today which do not only make you able to live the medical industry, but also pay you great rewards and remuneration for your work. The important part of the deal is that you will have to be aware about them after completing your 10th standard.

Some of the paramedical courses after 10th are:

  1. Physiotherapy– the role of a physiotherapist is dealing with the patients physical conditions and healing the common issues with his body, such as injuries. This includes treating the ligament tear and fractures. Some of the areas of specialisation in this field are neurology, sports physio, geriatric physio, clinical physio etc.
  2. Nursing– a nurse is essentially the right hand of a doctor, who helps him carrying out every activity. As a nurse, your role would be to look after the patients and his ailments, as well as supporting the doctor in clinic and operation theatres. Areas of specialisation are intensive care, cardiac care, midwifery, paediatrics, orthopaedics etc.
  3. Pharmacist– a pharmacist basically deals with drugs and medicines. His role is offering the appropriate drugs as per doctors prescription and suggesting the correct dosages, as well as monitoring the patient’s recovery status.
  4. Lab Technician– a lab technician collects the test samples and generates the test reports for them. As a technician, you can easily find a job in hospitals, private clinics, biotechnology labs and clinical labs.
  5. Radiologists– also known as a radiographer, you job would be to take X-Ray films of the patient. Initially, your job would be limited to operating the X-Ray machine but you also get the opportunity to become an X-Ray interpreter.

There are innumerable career options in top certificate and diploma courses after 10th. You can get a full-time or part-time job in hospitals, nursing homes, private clinics etc. In some fields, like Lab Technicians and Radiologists, you can open your own laboratory. There are many government vacancies available in paramedical industry which pays better remunerations.

Paramedic is a professional who undergoes a 2 or 3 year course and becomes an authorized person to work as a technician in a specific area of medical industry. He / she is an integral part of the hospital and becoming one is never less rewarding both in India & Abroad

Future for Paramedical Students.

Paramedical students are placed in jobs even before they complete the Diploma Course. After gaining experience of 2-3 year many candidates do the Diploma course once again but in another specialization. Those who wish to get into higher positions and better pay package will have to do graduation in the chose or related paramedical field. Some of the paramedical courses offered for diploma students (as well as those who complete PUC ) are..

  • Sc Medical Lab Technology
  • Sc Medical X-Ray Technology
  • Sc Operation Theatre Technology
  • Sc Cardiac Care Technology
  • Sc Radiotherapy
  • Sc Renel Dialys Etc…

Job opportunities for Paramedics

1. Placements happen to all Paramedical student during their final year. The pay package for freshers is generally low and after completing 6months – 1 year a good paramedic will get what he/she demands.
2. Opportunities to work are offered at Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Blood banks, Manufacturing firms, dairy institutes, pharmaceutical labs, public health labs, diagnostic laboratories, rehabilitation centers, special treatment centers, etc..
3. With Good English Language and excellent communication skills paramedics get to work world wide and earn a huge salary.